August 25, 2008

Stop and Go

I do believe my days of travel this summer are over now, and I am back at home. Ah, home! My kilns are here and I have missed my studio and all my comforts. I hope to regain the motivation to blog again, as I have many things to share. I am slowly making some changes to the website, and I started listing some steampunk sets in the Etsy shop. I will soon be photographing and listing more things on Etsy. And I am almost ready to reveal my new tile and jewelry designs, which I am very excited about. That's all I have to blog about today, just a dip of a toe back into the blog waters. Gotta start somehow...


  1. Welcome back, I've missed reading your blog! :)

    A friend of mine said that you have a nice steampunk necklace in Step by Step Beads, so I need to check that out, maybe take it on MY summer travels :D

  2. Hey! I just saw your (at least your pendants) on the COVER of Step by Step Beads! Awesome! Too cool! Congrats!

  3. AJ,
    Thanks for the welcome. I am happy to be back.

    WOOT! Yes, my necklace is actually on the COVER of SBS with the steampunk necklace! YAY! my first cover!

    yes it is my design! Thanks so much, I am very happy about this!

  4. Hi, Melanie,

    We just got a copy of the Oct/Nov 2008 "Beadwork" magazine, with your article on steampunk jewelry. Beautiful piece! And well-written.

    Thanks for mentioning Rings & Things' gemstones in your article!

    --Dave Robertson
    at Rings and Things

  5. Dave,
    ooh thanks for the heads up! I didn't get my copy yet! I am so excited.

    And thanks to you and Rings and Things for helping me by stocking such great steampunky gemstones and helping me pick them out!