August 7, 2008

Steampunk at Rings & Things

ooh shiny! Check it out! One of my very favorite bead suppliers, Rings & Things, has written up a great article about one of my favorite subjects, Steampunk! ooh and even more shiny...a mention of Earthenwood! Here is a little snippet:
"A phenomenal exploration of steampunk for jewelry purposes can be found in Melanie Brooks Lukacs' (Earthenwood Studio's) recent blog series Steam Week. Down in the lab, Melanie sifts through decades of cultural influences from film, literature, music and art. From these, she synthesizes the essential steampunk design elements like watch cogs, biplane propellers, portholes and rivets into attractive ceramic beads. She applies a series of sepia-period glaze colors that she names "antique iron," "rusty engine," "motor oil," "moss leather" and others. We commend Melanie's work as a great launching point for any expedition into steampunk."
Check out the whole article here in the Rings and Things newsletter.


  1. Way to go girl! Congratulations!
    I am glad that all the hard work you put into it is being acknowledged by others. You did a lot of research and work for that series of beads. And I really liked them.

  2. Congrats on that mention! WOWY ZOWY!

  3. Well, as someone who didn't work for me used to say, "You do good work, boss." Thanks right back to you for mentioning us in your blog!

    And here is a link that goes precisely to the article about you:

    Best wishes from

    at Rings & Things