August 10, 2008

Serenity Ceramic, Wire, & Stone Necklace

Well, this is a pretty late post about this, but I really wanted to share this awesome necklace tutorial by Tammy at She created this great steampunk inspired necklace using one of my Machinery links and a pair of Screwed links, mixed with hematite and colored wire. Thanks Tammy, for the great tutorial!

I have been thinking about wire a lot lately, and what a great design tool it is. I used to love to teach basic wire classes: earring designing & basic chain making types of projects. I miss it a little. I have a few friends now who are interested in learning some skills, so I am excited to whip out the round nose pliers and wire and headpins to show them a few tips! Good wire skills are a benchmark in well made beaded jewelry, I think, so a roll of wire and *practice, practice, practice* is the best way to get skilled at it. I remember when i just learned wire wrapping, I made dozens and dozens of *cha-cha* style charm bracelets and linked chains like the one in the necklace above to work on my skills. I tend to obsess on techniques like that, working and working in order to get it down before I move on to another technique. heh, so I hope my friends are ready for a crazy week of wire, once i see them and start wire wrapping! Whee!

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