August 4, 2008

Etsy Inquiries

I hope you had a good weekend! I kicked off Awesome Artful August with much success with several fun projects begun and many ideas that I am excited about. I have a question to ask, with some of these things in mind. You see, I love my Etsy shop, but it is not something I utilize as well as I would like. It just seems to be too much to keep up with in addition to my retail website. But in many ways, it might work better for me as a sales tool, as I have quite a bit of stock sitting here in the studio that is difficult to sell from the site, because it has been cusomized (and it is rare to get the same custom choices more than once). I know it can be frustrating to order from my site for customers, because of the wait time. And with Etsy, there is a wonderful instant gratification element, as I ship things from Etsy just days after they are sold, instead of the weeks I need to make things to order from my site. Of course, I have only been able to keep a few items in Etsy at a time... that is the down side. So my question is about preference. For those of you who have ordered retail... would you prefer to buy exactly what you want from my site and wait for them, or would you prefer to see the exact items you are buying from Etsy and get them immediately, but have fewer choices at a time? I don't think I can maintain both sites the way I do now, so I am trying to figure out which one might have more appeal. I would love your comments, if you please...


  1. Hi Melanie!

    Personally, I would like to have the option of both! lol
    I really like the idea of instant gratification with a smaller amount of choice on Etsy.
    But then if I need something specific, I would then go to the site and purchase it. Hopefully with enough forethought to accommodate the wait time.

  2. I have to agree with Lorelei, I like to shop at both! I love getting one of a kind and ready right now from Etsy, but am already planning my fall order of goddies from your site. You need a little studio elf that can list stuff for you at Etsy!

  3. I think etsy is a great selling tool that compliments your business site. I agree with Lorelei and carlene. Both! *grin*

  4. The Etsy shop is fun, to see something and know it's ready to go, to purchase it and have immediate gratification. Obviously I need to work on my patience! I like ordering from Etsy, partly because of self-inflicted guilt of having something custom made for me. I know, I know ....

  5. Yes, I agree both too. And I agree with Carlene about the little helper in the studio! A bead-making apprentice perhaps, who could help you in the studio and learn to make beads in the process. I know I'd love to be THAT person!

  6. Thank you all for your thoughts. As you can probably tell, I am a bit overwhelmed with the successes I have enjoyed. Not a bad thng, but one that can be difficult to manage.

    I am indeed in the process of getting help with my etsy shop, and it is a huge relief to even be considering it right now. I hope to really burst forth with listings in a few days, so I am very excited!

    I am just trying to decide how much of a role it should play, and if it should take over my regular site a little bit more. I am leaning in that direction, actually, but my regulars know they can always ask me for special orders, so I am trying not to worry too much about leaving my friends without access to the Earthenwood goodies if I do move more in the etsy route, lol!