August 2, 2008

Awesomely A-muse-d

A very quick blog entry today, because I am off to start my weekend of crafty awesomeness! I just wanted to thank you all for commenting on my posts yesterday, on LJ and on Blogger and my email. WOW! I really just expected a few little nudges of support, but I got a flood of encouragement. Thank you, I appreciate it and I am super energized by it! Gracious thanks!

I do not know what creativity I will find today. There is clay and thread and needles and buttons and fabric in my future, this is certain. Plus some exciting thoughts and words and rhetoric to wrap my mind around, hopefully while my hands set to work with the tools and materials before me. Good work and good friends await me, and that makes for a happy Melanie. Thank you for all being my muses, and helping me find the courage and motivation to get back to work!

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