July 8, 2008

waking or sleeping?

A very quick post today, I am moving sort of slowly. My mind has been very active lately, in both my waking and sleeping states. I am very interested in this film Waking Life that I saw last night. It fits my mood lately, flowing in and out of dream states, talking to many people about wonderfully rich things like Art and Zen and Life and Love. The film effected me, so much that I am planning to watch it again this afternoon, this time with someone thoughtful to talk about it with, which will be wonderful. As much as Zoey the Dog loves to sit with me and watch movies, the Existential concepts in the film were just a bit lost on her, so it did not make for great conversation. So a quick post and some work time spent today, and then I am off... Here is one of my favorite scenes from the film, it reflects my mood pretty specifically.


  1. hi melanie
    loved the scene from "Waking Life"
    i'm an "ant"...but i don't want to be...so how do i see this entire film???

  2. Tony,
    Oh, you would love this movie! I found it on Netflix, but it might also be at Blockbuster. It was widely accclaimed.


    I think we are all ants sometimes, in some places, some more than others. I see you as very in touch with your fellow humans, though. But perhaps I get the unique pleasure of seeing you and Lisa at the shows, when you are in your element! Thats where I usually feel most in tune, when I am with my fellow creative friends.

    I think I have shared many *non-ant* like moments with you both, which I cherish.