July 7, 2008

Vanishing Girl

Hee Hee! Yesterday was a fine day. I feel like disappeared for a while into a lovely little sanctuary. Thank you to my dear friends for opening up your home to me and to so many others. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Someday, I hope to return the favor, and welcome friends to my home with such hospitality. You inspire me.

Ok, lets tie this post's images and video together here... It is not as random as it seems. Above, a picture of a juicy pair of berry earrings that I designed for the new summer issue of Simply Beads Magazine. mmm I love raspberries! One of my favorite summer fruits. They remind me of two awesome children (whee! Big and Little *B*!) I was fortunate to spend some time with them this week and weekend, and I adore how they gleefully pick raspberries from their back yard, and even though the berries are so very rare and limited, they offer them selflessly to all the guests in the room. Very generous indeed!

The video below reminds me of these two girls, and the time I enjoyed crafting and drawing with them. I hope they will get a chance to watch the video, it makes me smile, and I think they will too! This video, I found while searching for an XTC video, for a gentleman, who ironically, does not like raspberries, I recently discovered. Hm. Well, I will not hold that against him, I suppose. The video is not XTC specifically, but Dukes of the Stratosphear, which is a pseudonym used by XTC to record briefly in a different style in the height of their popularity. The song is Vanishing Girl.


  1. Those earrings and especially the raspberries are just adorable. Quaint, like a 1930's tablecloth, with the fruit printed on it. Homey and comfortable, mid-summer.

  2. oh thank you! Yes the colors do sort of remind me of that, now that you mention it!