July 9, 2008

mmm. summer. melty.

I am predicting that it will be a hot summer day today. My mind is all melty already from the sun starting its rise. It is a happy melty, a swirl of bright fruity colors and flowers. mmm fruity colors. hee hee! It is early but I am already drunk with the joys of summer, in the form of a giant bowl of bright cubes of cantaloupe and honeydew, which I had set down here by my side at the keyboard, which seems to have just disappeared in its entirety. hmm. wonder how that happened. yum.

Above, Citrus Bouquet Earrings, which I designed for the summer issue of Simply Beads Magazine. They are very colorful and fruity and flowery too, aren't they? They look like summer to me.


  1. Love the colors and the summery feeling, so clever with the dangles and the little leaf beads, what a neat design.

  2. love the colors...they remind me of those sugary citrus treats...you know - lemon, orange, lime slices...yummy.

  3. llyynn,
    thanks so much! whee! summery!

    Katarina's Mama,
    ooh, i love those, I know exactly the ones you are talking about!