July 1, 2008

Lucky Girl

Hee Hee, someone called me a "Lucky Girl" today, and you know what? That feels pretty true today. It's a good day. So based on that, I will show another piece I designed for the new summer issue of Stringing magazine. It has several of my candy swirl and yumdrop beds from my Lucky Candy line, one of my Four Leaf charms, adorable 8 ball charms from Bag Lady Beads, and a cool silver hand clasp by Hip Chick Beads . Whee! Lucky indeed.


  1. I love this! It's so cheerful, which is not what I usually associate with a largely monochromatic design.

  2. yeah that is true! The 8 balls and spirals and carttony hand and clover probably contribute to the cheerful feeling, plus that little splash of lime...