July 3, 2008

leaves scattered on a pond

This is another piece I designed for the summer issue of Stringing Magazine. A fun and earthy sealife bracelet with little golden shell charms and watery green and turquoise beads. The focal point is a special two toned porcelain button link I made. Oops, I had meant to make more to sell on Etsy by the time this issue came out. Whee! My plans can sometimes change like leaves on the wind, my thoughts scattered like lilly pads on a pond...

And in that spirit of randomness... look! A picture I took today at the nature center, of the fishpond there. I think it is the first time I have seen Mr Turtle this year, can you see him on the rock? This picture is brought to you by my cell phone camera, through which I have just recently learned to send picture messages to my email, so I can share more stuff that I encounter while on my journey. Have a wonderful long weekend, all!

1 comment:

  1. Happy 4th! Really lovely! The focal bead/links is delish!