July 6, 2008

Independence and New Directions

Ahh, I have returned home after an impromptu overnight visit to the parents' house for an Independence Day break. There was the promise of grilled food, a quiet refuge from the fireworks in my neighborhood (oh noes...scared Zoey!), and the appearance of my brother, who is in the process of moving back to Michigan (yay!) so I could not resist the time spent away with family. Of course, I did bring work with me, and surprisingly did a great deal of it. Hmm, imagine that! But now I am in a good place to do some playing with clay.

Above, a picture from last year, of my Goddess Tiles in process. I have had the itch to carve a new tile lately, and to do something different. I have a general idea for the tile, but not really the specifics...no sketch or anything. I rolled out a couple of slabs last night and I think I will just attack them with my tools, and see what happens. Something different, like I said. The plan in the log run is to have two new designs for a fun project that is NOT related to my business so much, something fun to do with friends. So, Project Raku begins today! It does take a pretty good amount of preparation, so I am excited to dig in. I will keep you updated as it progresses!

And it is Sunday, so it is Extra Extra link day. Here you go, for your clicking pleasure:
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  1. hi melanie
    i was looking at your blog and saw you "Goddess tiles"...and i must say i LOVE them...and can't wait to see them as well as have one when they become beads...i've been doing a Goddess bead from glass on a stand...i'll share it soon on our blog...love what you are doing...it's time to fire up the torch...we'll talk soon...

  2. Thank you Tony. I would love to see your goddess bead!

    I don't know if you have ever seen my line of tiles. It gets confusing sometimes, because people think they are beads or will be beads, but they are tiles. I have some new ones I am working on lately, I am excited about them.

  3. I love your goddess tiles and your goddess beads - in fact the goddess necklaces in my store are two of my most popular items: