July 14, 2008

business time

hee hee, I took the weekend off from blogging, I guess I had too much to do and not much to say about it. But I have returned to blogland and I have an idea. See, I have been getting some questions about my process lately, my business process. I guess I don't really talk about it much, because I don't think it is all that interesting. Mostly because it is the stuff I just *have* to do to make my business run, it is not the stuff that I *love* to do. But upon consideration, I guess it is kind of interesting. So I was thinking I would like to blog about some of the business details that I deal with this week.

I am undergoing a period of growth in change in my life, and it effects Earthenwood Studio. And I rarely just stop and examine what I do for the business, it is just Go Go Go! But at a time like this, I am finding it necessary to stop and take a look around and really pick what I do apart. To see what I am doing well, and what I can do better, and what I need to grow even further. And I certainly am not the expert in small business by any means, I am constantly learning and changing, so having others look and give constructive criticism is appreciated, especially during these times when I am open and ready to work on changes. So I would encourage your interaction and your questions. I am not going to reveal really private business information, just some general thoughts about how my day to day process goes. If there is some question you have or suggestion you could make, this is a good time for me to hear it! Feel free to comment on the blog, or email me privately at earthenwood@gmail.com with your thoughts. Stay tuned tomorrow, I hope to talk about packaging and shipping a little bit...


  1. I'm looking forward to your business blogs this week :) Many good wishes for this time of growth.

  2. Growth is good, even if it's occasionally scary. :)

    One thing I've been really challenged by is getting decent photographs of my projects. I haven't found a setup I like yet, so if you're willing to share a little about yours, that would be awesome. I love the photos you have of your beads and your completed projects.

  3. Becca,
    I have been stuggling with photography for years, and am actually struggling with it now, because of tech issues, so answering your request is difficult. I will instead send you to a couple of helpful links, both by Lori Greenberg: