July 22, 2008

Bat Break

So just a quick update here on the happenings here at the Studio. Woot, with a picture of a Bat pendant that I made last year. Yeah it was a one of a kind and sold it long ago, probably around Halloween. I think it's cute, I always meant to make more. Maybe someday I will. I am showing it as an ode to the Dark Knight movie I saw yesterday. It was lots of fun to go to the movies with friends, I cannot remember the last time I saw a movie at the theatre. Might have been Harry Potter. Yeah. I need to get out more!

And so I am! Thus my lack of blog activity lately. Just taking a little break. And my camera is not co-operating so I don't have pretty new things to show. I am keeping very busy around the studio, and working to balance family and friend time with work a little better than I have in past months. Having a lot of summer fun. In fact, I am taking the rest of the week off! I will be spending a few days on the other side of the state meeting a beady friend that I have known for years but have never met in real life! That is exciting, I hope to share many creative ideas with her! So I wish you happy and warm summer days, and I will see you again soon when I have some new work to show and fresh ideas to share.


  1. Love the way you did the bat wings! Enjoy your beady rendezvous-- sounds like great fun!

  2. I've got that bat :D In fact, if I don't have time to make a necklace today or on the road tomorrow, I'm going to wear him to Comic Con on Thursday.

    Enjoy your week off! Hope you have a great time with your beady friend. It's always so much fun meeting someone face to face for the first time :)

  3. Oh I love that Bat! What a wonderful way to have presented him/her!
    Enjoy your time out in the sun & meeting your friend for 'real' - one day I hope to do that with some of the wonderful people I have met online.

  4. I remember that bat design from last year - so cute! What did you think of Dark Knight? My husband and I took a date night when Grandma was visiting and went to see it. I liked it, but I found the violence in the film rather psychologically disturbing. Batman was always my favorite as a kid (nothing like having a hero with tons of angst, in my opinion), and I love watching the new movies.