June 12, 2008

welcome back to me!

Whew! I have returned from the madness that was another Bead & Button show! The show itself was great, it was wonderful to see so many of you. Thank you for stopping by the booth, I really appreciated meeting you and spending what little time I could with you. The weather was scary and crazy, that part was not great. And it was exhausting too, it always is, but I am glad I did it yet another year. I signed up for the 2009 show by the last day, so I will have to gear up to do it all over again next June. The return back is always slow, I have many emails to return, and I am trying my best to do that, thanks for your patience. I have also already started back to clay work for all the orders placed before and during the show. Gotta jump right back in! I will share the few pictures I took (sorry! no time!) and lots of great stories and treasures over the next week or two, so stay tuned. For now, I must get back to the overflowing piles here in the studio...


  1. Welcome back Mel- You were missed!!

    Great looking table btw!
    I know you must be so tired. I hope you had a little bit of down time before having to jump back in! It's good to have you back, nonetheless.

  2. Dying to hear how your alter ego did - googles and all. Hope you have photos of the alter ego ... ?

  3. I wore the goggles all show long, and loved it. I did not get pictures taken myself, it was just so crazy. But i think some pics might be out there, and they might find thier way out to the web soon. If I find some, I'll borrow them and show you all...

  4. Love-love-love those goggles...glad you had a great show...your booth looks lovely!...I can hardly wait to see the new stuff...when you catch up and take a breath!

  5. Can't wait to see more. It is like a mini vacation! Welcome back!

  6. Hi Melanie!

    Welcome back! Your booth set up looks awesome and sooooo you! I love your necklace (the googles too but your beads are always tops!) Rest up and I'll look forward to your report on B&B


    (P.S. I think I met your spiritual twin at Anime North - She draws fairies and such. See what you think - she's on my blog today - I thought of you when I saw her work)

  7. Cindy,
    thanks so much! I will go check out your blog too! I hope you had fun at the anime con.