June 27, 2008

vision, light, and darkness...

Well, hmmm. It is so very late for me to post, and for some reason my blog program is not wanting to upload images. I will have to rely on my words tonight I guess, with no visuals. An odd thing for me, a little frightening. But it also feels sort of exciting, like one of those nights when the power went out as a kid, and there was no tv to watch, no entertainment provided directly to my eyes from that glowing box. Maybe on one of those nights I was allowed to have a few candles nearby and could look at a picture book. Or I was able to be in charge of a small flashlight, and I could put on a light show, or a hand puppet show to amuse myself! Or I could retreat into the paintbox of my imagination, and create myself a whole world. I remember the excitement of those nights. How I would watch as my parents became agitated as the night wore on, without power. But secretly I hoped it would not return, so I could continue to entertain myself in such primitive ways.

Tonight the house is quiet. The day has been busy with many life tasks that I abhor, involving the orange barrels of construction, tire kicking, number crunching, and decision making. These things frazzle my mind on the best of days. But it was also busy with a bit of counterbalance: some emotional uplifting of the mind and heart. A day filled with understanding and comfort of family, the attention and thoughtfulness of friendship, and the electric buzzing of intellectualism and creativity! A good balance to the life tasks, that is for sure. And now I have returned to my home, and the quietude envelops me. I think I will turn out the lights and reflect on the day, to seek the visions of the power outage light shows of my mind, remembering the excitement that I used to feel in the days of youth, before the piles of life tasks overwhelmed me. Oh, how the visions have changed since the days I was a child...


  1. You didn't need pictures at all. I was right there with you.

  2. Christine RitcheyMonday, June 30, 2008

    You are a wonderful writer! I think I felt what you felt. You have a beautiful way with words, as well as clay!


  3. Chris, Thanks so much, i am trying..it is practice, practice, practice...just like with clay.