June 15, 2008

Looking Forward...

Whee! Here is one more shot of me in the goggles, taken the same day as the last, in the same tired, overworked, fatigued, poorly lit work session. I am slowly beginning to feel more energized again. The house and studio is still a mess, with piles of stuff to be sorted and organized still scattered about. The longer it sits, the harder it is to handle. But I had to start working again, and I am making strides in that department. But it is the weekend! And one of the things I have promised myself is that I am going to be more mindful of my time at work and time off (which means actually taking time off!). So it is a quick post today, and as I write I am remembering the relaxing night I spent last night with a big group of animated friends who kept me very entertained. And I look forward to a day spent with my parents for Father's Day. Perhaps there will be barbeque! The Zoey will come with me and will probably have an active day of squirrel watching, and I will visit and play with my brand new toy... my very first laptop! whee! mobile blogging for me soon! Now I leave you with the weekly Extra links...

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  1. Laptops rule! We haven't had a desktop computer in our house for years... Now you need to get an Airport (or whatever the equivalent is for PCs), so you can get your WiFi at home!

  2. You're going to have so much fun with a laptop! I love mine! And Chris loves his so much that he doesn't even use his desktop anymore, not even for games.

    They're practically a must for anyone who travels!

  3. I do love it so far, I cannot imagine losing the PC, but who knows...? It is fun to be able to check mail and do stuff from other places now...!