June 17, 2008

linked treasures

This incredible necklace above was made by one of the very talented girls from Vintaj. It is made of Vintaj brass, Green Girl pewter, and my own Earthenwood Steam Stones. The amazing this about this design is that Mackenzie not only came up with the design and made it AT the show, on the spot, but she also made two matching ones while at the show as well (although with different colored steam stones). All three of our stores got one, and I was honored to wear this one one day, and display it in the booth for the other days. I love the mix of brass and pewter, and the little touch of color that my porcelain brings!
And speaking of Green Girl, here are some of the beads I picked up from them at the show. I simply could not attend a Bead & Button without coming home with a pouch full of their pewter and shibiuchi! I finally got some keys, plus the new keyhole component! It is gorgeous! And I love that we seem to have simultaneously designed keyholes at the same time. I can't wait to use them together. The winged heart is special to me right now, it has a compass design etched on the front and it says follow on the back. A great reminder to follow one's heart...


  1. Beautiful necklace! I love how she incorporated that GGS ring with the jumprings. Interesting!!
    And good choice in GGS goodies. I love the new keyhole. I hope they start selling that one on the website.

  2. Sweet necklace!

    I have got to get one of those keyholes, too! Because, y'know, I just don't have enough keyholes already.

  3. Beautiful necklaces, and the synergy that brought them together is inspiring.

    Are the keys and keyholes toggle closures that go together, or separate units ... or possibly either and both?

    I bought one of those winged hearts and I confess I've been hoarding it. I should let it free and use it!

  4. Oh! It's all wonderful! I so wish I could make it all the way to Wisconsin one day! What a fabulous show it must be!

  5. I love your new Green Girl acquisitions! I knew I wanted one of their resin pendants this trip, so I sort of closed my eyes to the pewter and shibiuchi, but these are fantastic - my wish list is getting longer again!

  6. I'm glad you picked these up! They went pretty fast. I got a lot of requests for a keyhole, so I made this on the fly. This steampunk business is really interesting...I like it. I've had a lot of requests for a clock face, we'll see. I love the necklace, I've been wearing it constantly!

  7. Thank you all so much for taking hte time to visit, read, and comment. I really appreciate it.