June 14, 2008

the journey ahead

Time is escaping me today, it is elusive. I am still in the haze of the aftermath of the show, and the changes it has brought to my life. It is always a very pivotal event, full of changes, and never more so than this year. But alas, I am not going to share all the details in this space, as I am still privately contemplating and reviewing. I do want to share one of the pictures taken of me in the steampunk goggles, as it seems to be a topic of much inquisition! Chuck took this picture of me while I glazed, in the days right before the show. Look how studious I was! I was exhausted from work, so I donned the goggles on to give me a little jolt of energy. I feel like an adventurer in them, ready to take on the world and the journey ahead of me. And now I have returned from the show, and am at the ready to start anew, to start to work again, and begin my new sojourns. Thank you for accompanying me along the way, my friends, I appreciate your company, support, and guidance.


  1. The goggles are brilliant, love 'em. You do look intent on glazing, definitely 'in the zone' of creating.

  2. this is a picture I am lifting from your blog and keeping. You are beautiful in your goggles!

  3. That is a great picture :) I do hope someone has pics of the whole steampunk outfit, I'd really love to see it.

    Glad that you're back from the show, too! I missed having this blog in my daily reading :)

  4. Those really are cool goggles. I was thinking how much I loved your outfit when I saw you at the booth, but then I lost track of the thought (so typical). Beautiful photo!