June 2, 2008

almost seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, through my steamy goggles

Aha! A pair of goggles to celebrate a pair of days left before my trip! They are finished, for now, I was hesitant but I went ahead and attacked the goggle rims with a drill and stuck those bolts right in! I think I might like them to be flush to the rims, but that would mean finding shorter bolts or sanding/cutting them down. And there is no time for that now...
I kinda like them sticking out a bit too, so I am torn. When I put them on, there is a big brass bolt on either side of my nose, which makes it look like it is pierced with a giant brass bolt! Which is kinda cool! But they will mostly be worn atop my head. Whew, they are heavy!I did end up scratching one of the clear lenses with the drill, which stinks. Also while I was working, I noticed the irony of really needing a good pair of safety goggles to use while drilling. I wore some, but they were so big and floppy, I really wanted to put these on! Anyway, the way they are, I can totally take out the green lens and use them for safety. So in addition to the brass bolts and nuts, there is some ultra suede on the sides, and some Vintaj brass birds, and some neat round elements I found in the purse supplies at Joann Fabrics, that are screwed to the elastic band.So the goggle base, I got from the Girl Genius site, in the
Studio Foglio shop. They look like the picture above, and came in a way cute Girl Genius box, and i also got the first print issue of the comic, which is awesome. I was inspired to modify these in part from seeing the goggles of Boiler Goth on Etsy. Check them out, and if you need some goggles already steampunked up or some skirt lifters (whee! fun!) show them some Etsy love...


  1. Those are way cool :D I like the sticky-out bolts.

  2. The goggles are great, but I want to see a picture of you wearing them to get the full effect!!!

  3. AJ, thank you!

    Carlene, maybe at the show I will get some pics. stay tuned...