May 5, 2008

A Stitch in Time

So I am returning from my week long blog hiatus of reposts. Thanks for bearing with me here. And the timing is perfect, because I have returned to participate in a double blog giveaway! The theme is about time, specifically the old saying "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine" a saying that means "A little preparation can eliminate the need for repairs later; consistency (achieving a set rhythm) is better than trying to rush ahead." I cannot think of a better way to describe my life and process at this moment, so this saying comes along at the perfect time as a reminder. Time to slow down, make necessary repairs and preparations, and continue steadily along...

Cyndi Lavin and I are hosting a little giveaway, in celebration of my new Steam Stone line and the great necklace she made above, called "A Stitch in Time". She has used a variety of Steam Stones, all different kinds, and mixed them with some great metal chain and beads and beadwork.

So we are each giving away a set of Steam Stones. I am giving away the set of three metallic steamgear charms above, and she has some black and white beads.

Here’s the question that we want you to answer in the comments section. Since the Steam Stones are all about gears and machinery and time, what would you do with an extra free hour? Completely free. No obligations. What would you spend your free hour on?

Leave me an answer, and you’re entered into the drawing! Then head on over to her post, for a second chance to win her prize, by answering the same question. The winners will be drawn later this week. Use your time wisely today, and we both wish you good luck!


  1. Rootin Tootin' High Falutin' Excellent giveaway Melanie and Cyndi!
    Count me in.
    An "extra" hour would probably be spent by good quality time with my wonderful husband who sees a lot less of me now that I spend all my free time beading!

  2. I would sit down at my worktable to try to learn something new. I never seem to find the time to just learn anymore.

  3. I'd probably spend my free hour knitting.

  4. Cyndi's necklace is awesome!

    If I had an hour of free time right now, with no obligations whatsoever, I'd make a necklace for myself. I have this Andrew Brown bead with leaves on it, and three different ribbons to go with it, and I just need to pick out some beads and put it altogether.

    Come to think of it, I might try to make that hour for myself this week ;)

  5. I'd take the extra hour and save it for my planned vacation this fall. I'd rather have an extra hour on vacation than an extra hour in my day-to-day life!

  6. Beautiful necklace! A whole free hour! I'd probably pass out from the joy of it! Then I'd wake up and spend it having a great meal with friends and family all gathered around for a great laugh!

    p.s. Glad you are off your hiatus!

  7. A free hour? No kids or husband needing anything? Wow this is going to seem selfish but I think I would grab a good book and take a bubble bath! Glad your back your posts always make my day!

  8. I think it would be great to have a free hour and when I let my mind drift towards what it would want to do, it passed over beading, reading, sleeping and landed on talking with my children on the phone-- they live far enough away that I don't see them that often, but a phone call is almost like having them here.
    Great to see more of your steam stones Melanie. They are great.
    I hope you get a free hour for your heart's desire like you have given us.

  9. Wow, a whole free hour??? After much pondering, I think an hour of yoga would be my treat. I never make time for it anymore and I know I'd have a clearer head to create and feel more centered if I did it regularly. So when is it I get the hour?!? My mat and I are ready! Welcome back and thanks for doing the givaway!