May 19, 2008

Steamy Shoe Shopping

Um yeah, so these are my new steamy shoes. Not so sexy steamy, huh? Perhaps you were thinking some strappy heels or something. Nope, not for me, these are more Steampunky steamy. I went out last week with my buddy and Bead & Button Show travel companion Diane, both of us on a quest for shoes. This show requires 4 days of being on the feet all day long. Working retail for decades, I developed heel spurs from the concrete floors. They used to be very painful. Now, since I don't have to stand up daily for long hours, my feet are much better, but doing a show will trigger my poor feet into painful sadness once again. So I was seeking a shoe that was comfy, could hold my prescription insoles, had some ankle support (my foot doctor had told me this was good for my feet) and which I could steam-ify a bit. I am going for a more tomboyish look, so an ankle boot was ideal.
So Diane and I went to Footprints, where they had lots of Birkenstocks and Danskos. She found a cute pair of red Danskos that she thought were perfect and they were adorable on her. I struck out. Everything was sandal-ly (well, duh..its Spring...almost Summer!) so no ankle boots. We went to another store, Soul Sisters in Royal Oak, which was full of more fancy shoes, girly shoes, with lots of heels and straps and pointy toes. The kind of shoes that would make me fall flat on my butt at the first step. But alas, I scoured the store, and behold, in the corner, these little boots that looked like they were already mud encrusted. I fell in love.

The shoelaces it came with are real rustic leather strips, and they are ok, but I wanted something a little more interesting. So I added some dark pretty silk cord and a few old skeleton keys that I bought on Etsy, one at the center and two on the ends. I like the idea of the keys clanking around when I walk. I have to test it out still though, as I only have made the one side. I think I will like it though, and I will wear these around before and after the show, with my regular clothes. Speaking of Etsy and steamy shoes, I am incredibly tempted by the spats I see there, like this and this. But I think my new boots will do... for shoe shoppy need has been fulfilled.


  1. Love the boots! Are you going to wear them with those lace tights for the show? Because they look great together!

    I was at the mall on Sunday and I walked by a store with a lot of cute brown tops that would have been nice for steampunk... but I'd already bought a skirt when I wasn't planning to buy anything, so I resisted the urge to take a closer look.

  2. Thank you! Yes I will, for one of my outfits. They are knee socks! I have two different colors. I'll also wear them with stripey socks. A sock for every mood, whee!

    I am so not a shoppy person usually (besides beads), but the retail therapy is kicking in hard lately...

  3. the old key is a wonderful addition, it is sort of mysterious and romantic.

  4. Did you get the knee highs from Sock Dreams? I am so hooked on their products.

    I find that I enjoy shopping when it's for something fun or cool. Beads? Fun. New pants? Not fun. Clothes to wear for dancing? Fun. Comfortable walking shoes? Torture.

  5. AJ, Yep, sure did. I love them. here's a link:

    yeah, I agree about the shopping...