May 23, 2008

Royal Venation

Another quick blog post today, my schedule it full this morning and I am motivated! The piece above is another pendant I plan to demo at the Vintaj booth at Bead & Button. I think I am calling it Royal Venation, after looking at some botany terms having to do with leaves. I love learning new words! I have done this filigree wrap around an almond face before, and it has been very well received, so this is another variation, and one that I like very much. I would like to complete it into a piece of jewelry, a necklace, but I need to glaze up some more leaves for the body of the necklace, so that will take a few days. I hope to fire up a big kiln on Sunday, filled with stock for the show. Ack, that means I have to get glazing today, so I can load it tomorrow morning and hopefully spend the rest of the day with friends, enjoying the holiday weekend. Have a great day, all!


  1. Gorgeous!!!
    We are so excited to have you demo at the Bead & Button show for us!
    ~ The Girls at Vintaj

  2. This is so elegant! I love the shape of the face and the way the metal looks like a Elizabethan collar or some fantasy costume from an elaborate movie!

  3. Vintaj Girls,
    Thanks so much! I am very excited as well!

    Gaea, Yes I think that's what it looks like too! Queen Elizabeth or some similiar royalty. I love it...