May 26, 2008

production girl is productive

* grumble*, I am slightly groggy today, still trying to get the caffeine to kick in. Yesterday was amazingly productive! Seems that the Saturday of Rest did in fact lead to a Sunday of Hard Work, as I hoped it would. I was amazingly focused, my work not distracted, but complimented by a trickle of emails and text messages from friends, and an excellent panel discussion about steampunk that I have been wanting to listen to. I am feeling much better about the show, having completed this big round of production. Only today left, and I am just finishing up some accent pairs and little things, which I usually don't have enough of. I hope it will be nice today so I can work outside. I really need a comfy outdoor chair and table. Perhaps I will invest in one after the show...I do enjoy working outside with the Zoey if possible.

I do believe I have found my Sunday help, which is a relief. I also got a sweet phone call from one of my booth neighbors out of the blue, offering help, too. This made me think about how I only see some of my beady friends once or twice a year, many of them only at this show. I started to think about all my friends that I will see again, fellow bead makers and customers, as well as all the great new people I am bound to meet. I am newly excited for the show, which did I mention, is now in NINE days? Oh, and I think this is funny, and wanted to share, so you know it is not only me who has been in freak out mode for the show. My travel companion's blog from yesterday, I think she is in a similar mindset, don't you? hee hee...hang in there, Diane!


  1. I really love these earrings!! I hope you have a successful Bead and Button show! Wish I could go, that would be so fun!

  2. oh i wish you could come too! And thanks about the earrings, I am enjoying them...