May 20, 2008

Pandora's Keys

A quickie post today, with something new! A necklace I did yesterday that I think I will call Pandora's Keys. I stole a few minutes at my beading desk, which is covered with an explosion of brass and porcelain and tiny bits of wire, I should tell you, and I worked this together very quickly. Seriously, sometimes the best stuff is done on the fly, when I am not all wrapped up in the logistics and pressures of designing. Not to say I didn't have a goal in mind...I did. I wanted to make a new Face Stone wrap using Vintaj findings, with my medium round face. I have tried on several occasions, but could never get the right mix, and last night it just seemed to work itself together. I love when that happens! I plan to demo this pendant, among others at the Vintaj booth at Bead & Button. More details later...
Another picture of the rest of the necklace, simple chain and some screwed links, plus a small keyhole link at the clasp.


  1. Hey Lady! Your keys would go perfect with my "Pandora's Box" pendants. How cute! Again we are on the same page!

  2. Hiya!
    I really like the way you used the small keyhole link at the clasp. I think I'll try this technique but at the front of the necklace! Thanks again for such wonderful inspiration!!

  3. Gaea,
    How awesome, hilarious, and completely unsurprising that we are again on the same page! Gimmie a link? I wanna see

    Thanks I REALLY wanted to put that little keyhole in, but only had one, and did not have the creative capacity to deal with assymetry last night. I think it would be cool on the side though, too!

  4. Hey! I've had a bit on the blog...
    and the site...
    Maybe a collaboration? I haven't added the pieces that will dangle yet!

  5. Awesome! Once the madness that is Bead & Button is over, lets talk collaboration!