May 24, 2008

Mysteries of the Heart

Arteria Arcanum, another new piece made with one of my ceramic heart pendants wrapped in Vintaj brass. I will demo this at the Bead & Button show in the Vintaj booth in a couple of weeks. I love this piece, I have made a few of them.

This one in particular is very unusual, as the heart itself is a one time only finish. It was first a test tile for a purpley glaze, but it went all wonky and bubbled. It was useless, and not even a pretty purple. So I shrugged and slathered it with a metallic pewter glaze (the fixer of all things) and refired it. I don't know what made it turn green and runny, but it is lovely! The kiln can be a mysterious chamber, just like the heart. You never know what will emerge from its energy and warmth to surprise you.

whoa... with that bit of poetry and zen mastery, I leave you today, to enjoy a little relaxation time with my hubby and our friends...


  1. Some of the best art was thought to be a mistake by the artist. Hence we rarely give up...LOL

  2. Mmmm, the accidental green glaze is so beautiful and earthy!

    By the way, this Abney Park music-playing ad is awesome. Going to have to convince DH that we need the album, I think.

  3. Dreaming Artisan,
    yes, great art can come when you least expect it...

    thanks! oh good, I am glad you like it...I know that music auto playing on sites is a touchy thing, but this is GOOD music! Helped me through my secret projects, so I wanted to share. I think this album is on I Tunes now...I highly recommend it...

  4. Steampunky brewster !! :)))
    Love the hearts..and oval heads, and minis..:))
    Way effin' cool !!!

  5. Hee Hee, Jean will like that you have borrowed her nickname for me, I think!

    thanks, sweetie, you are always so supportive of me and the things I make. love ya!