May 22, 2008


I have been so very obsessed with the steampunk inspired line of late, I fear I have neglected to talk of much else. And since most of my beads are still put away from the last show, and I am not making much stock from my other lines, I have not blogged about much else, as it is not really close at hand or in sight. But I am reminded this morning, with the Bead & Button show very closely approaching, that I need to break out my other stock, and glaze up any bisque I have, and start to think about my work as a whole and how I will display it. I remembered that I have many, many Muse Stones in stock, some shown above. I think I need to make a finished piece of jewelry with one, a horizontal one, because I have only ever done really simple *pendant on a cord* types of things with them, and I think they could use a good example for display.

Oh look how easily I am distracted...*wandering off with a handful of them to my bead desk*...