May 9, 2008

An Introduction...

I have spent much of the morning working on this half-frivolous new calling card design shown above (and below) for my blog/journal/steampunk superhero alter ego. I humbly introduce: Alycia Von Kylnfyre, artisan and porcelain your service.

So I came up with the name a month or so ago, while I was working on the Steam Stone line. I wanted to come up with a persona, in the event that I might someday create a costume. It has been slowly developing from there. The fun thing about imagining characters in a Steampunk world, is that there are so many options. You can be a high society aristocrat, a mad scientist inventor, a ruffian scamp, or anything in between. My persona is a bit of the mad scientist type, one who works in the elements of Earth (hey! like me!) She is not so high society, a bit more of a tomboyish scamp with an occasional girly side that pops out with ruffles and a skirt sometimes... a bit of lace mixed in with the clay stained suede. I will tell more about the name and more about the character thoughts behind it in the next few days.

I leave you for today with a quick project I did the other day, a wrist cuff made from Ultrasuede, brass grommets and brads, silk ribbon, and some crochet doilies that I inherited from my grandma's sewing basket. One side laces up, and the other has a old fashioned key from Ornamentea, which tucks into a tiny flap and is secured to the sleeve by some Vintaj chain. This was a really quick, fun project, which I hope will add a little bit of steampunk to my wardrobe.


  1. Fun Calling Card! I love the big NUT!

  2. Thanks! I kind of liked the bottle better, as I hope to use bottles like that in my costume, filled with clay materials, but the nut is so much better, and more steampunky. Chuck found it on the side of the street and I stole it. It looks like a BEAD, huh???

  3. Love the cuff!

    Isn't it fun to come up with an alter-ego?

  4. Bravo! Love the new direction and the props! A creative artist like yourself needs these changes to keep the Ole Brain's cogs oiled & flowing! This is my first comment but have been following your blogs. Also am the proud owner of an EWS mermaid pendant (etsy). I live in the UK but visit my parents in VA often (so can send my purchases to their home-no VAT!). 3 CHEERS (ccc) for AVK! (that american girl in britain now)

  5. Oh yes I remember you from Etsy! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    Yes you understand exactly about the things needed to keep the "cogs oiled"! I cannot make new creative work right now, as its production time, so this little side project keeps the creative factory churning while I do the grunt work...

  6. this rocks! I am so glad to catch up on your blog!

  7. Those gorgeous handmade doilies are probably tatted, which makes them extra-special because it's very time-consuming - and just perfect the way you hae used them. The chain, the washers and grommits - brilliant!

  8. llyynn,
    ooh, good to know! I don't know much about knitting/crochet/fiber arts. I just got a box of neat stuff from my Grandma when she passed, so its special...