May 7, 2008

grimy sparkle bead stash

Lots to do again today, the pile gets two beads smaller, then five beads bigger. Above, the beads I picked out last weekend at the Rings and Things trunk show. If you have an opportunity to go to one in your area, I highly recommend it, especially if you like semi-precious stone beads. Last time I went I was in the mindset to do bright, springy colors. Those beads are still unused. This time, I went with my gut, and gave in to my love of earthtones, specifically smoky quartz. My color theme as I shopped was "Grimy Sparkle" I think I accomplished that!


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  2. Great choices; the colors are beautiful and unexpected!

  3. I bet a lot of these beads will look good with steam stones and brass stampings!

    I think I missed the show that was in my area... can't remember.

  4. @ AJ :

    Aw jeez, sorry we missed you! AJ, can we send you a free invitation for our next show in your town?

    --Dave at Rings & Things

  5. Hi Melanie!
    Great selection!! I wonder if there is a Rings N Things show in NY state? hmmmm! I could use a good bead show right about now! I am scouring the internet for some great gemstones as we "speak".
    I am loving Smoky Quartz lately. Looking forward to seeing what you make with these beauties!

  6. Hi, Lorelei,

    We do shows in Rochester ( Next one is June 7, then September 18... If you don't mind driving, we'll be glad to invite you!

  7. Dave, Thanks for checking in. The bead show was great, as always, I am happy to recommend. And thank you for providing info to my beady friends here.

    Thanks all!

  8. Hey Dave! That's not bad. I would totally drive to Rochester! Thanks for the info!

  9. Hi Dave,
    you can email me at

    I'll send you my address that way.


  10. Hey, Melanie,

    Colorful headline, I love it! And nice visual arrangement of the strands you bought. Thanks for kindly mentioning our bead shows, and we definitely look forward to seeing what you create with them!

    BTW, I vote for you to write more about steampunk, a really fascinating style that I see you're interested in too...

    Take care,

    at Rings & Things

    (re-posted this comment with a small correction)

  11. What a great bead purchase and thanks for providing some beady eye candy!
    I love R&T shows, but since they dropped the one close to me, I haven't traveled into the city to see them. Dave, if you're still out there, please add Federal Way, WA back to your schedule for those of us far south of Seattle!
    Melanie, is that a string of lava stones I see in the group? That's going to look great with your steam punk charms! Have fun with your goodies!

  12. Carlene,
    Thanks! Glad you like the eye candy. I had the steam stones in mind for all of these. My friend shopping with me found the lava stone and thought it would be great, because it looks like coal! I want to use it with a little furnace bead in some firey colors mixed with the black.

  13. Carlene,

    How far south of Seattle? Maybe you could come to our Portland shows... :) :) :) But seriously, I'm passing your request to our tour boss.

    Lava stone beads really rock! They're my favorite newer bead. You know what, they also look fantastic treated with Art Clay Silver...


    at Rings & Things

  14. Dave,
    That's SO funny, because when I was picking these out, another customer was saying te same thing! Were they used in a project somewhere recently...pmc and lava stone?

    sigh, I wish *I* could go to a show out in Portland or Seattle... its our dream to move out beautiful.

  15. Oh, beautiful choices - I wish I could go this year. I'm smack between two different shows, geographically, but I don't have anyone to look after the Short One right now (and bringing him with me would be disastrous). Oh, well, next time...

  16. Melanie,

    I've seen the metal-clay coated lava beads in person. Nice benefit of working at a bead company with dozens of crafters! Here's a link to a page with a tiny bit of info:

    We're looking around in our computers for a photo we took of a metal-clay'ed lava rock bead...will report back!

    PS, has anyone seen the red-colored lava rock beads? (Example:

    at Rings and Things

  17. Awww, just when I hit SEND...

    We found the picture of a lava-rock bead fired with Art Clay Silver. It's on page D-6 of our Spring 2008 catalog supplement. A teensy bit fuzzier version of the picture is online at

    Check it out!

    at Rings 'n' Things

  18. Good thing I'm home sick from my day job today, now I have all kinds of things to go look at.
    The red lava rock sounds very cool!
    We actually live almost half way between Seattle and Portland. (Slightly closer to Seattle)
    So Melanie, if you get this way to check things out, let me know! Lots of great places to see, especially if you like the great outdoors.
    Now time to go lava rock shopping!
    Thanks you two, this was like being in a three way conference call!!!

  19. Melissa,
    It would be fun to meet at the Grand Rapids show sometime. Its about 3 hours for me but it might be a fun day trip!

    Dave, thanks for the stuff!

    Carlene,We visited two years ago...Portland...and fell in love with the waterfalls. We are thinking about going again this year, to check it out further...we woudl lvoe to live in the mountains...

  20. urg, that's *would love*

    dang I wish there was a spell check or edit on these comments...