May 6, 2008

Gearing Up

Ok, so let me tell you what has been going on, studio wise. Well, I have been flooded with orders (YAY! Thank you all!) and have just finished shipping a big batch of them out. I still have a lot to get through, but it is coming along steadily. The plan *was* to prepare for Bead & Button, one of the biggest bead shows of the year, where I have a booth in early June. Usually by now, I would have been working on stock since early January. Thankfully, my plan to shift my business to mostly online sales in the past couple of years has been successful, but unfortunately, it has had a severe impact on my ability to stock shows, especially a big one like B&B. And added to the mix this month is the great news that I get to write a big secret article and project! The only problem with that is that it is due the week of B&B. Argh!~ But this is the direction I wanted to move in, so I am jumping in fully.

I have had to come to the realization that the show will have to take a back seat this year, as there is no time to fully stock it, and my orders and article are more important. Once I made that decision and started to live with it, I got excited about working hard on my secret project, and about having fun at the show instead of breaking my back to stock and sell well at the show. So B&B is going to be more about promotion and networking for me this year, and I think it will be a blast! Check out the gear badges I had made above, to hand out as part of my promo packages. Guess what my promotional angle is? Yep, Steampunk!I am even putting together a bit of a Steampunk look for the show. Steampunk Lite, I guess, as it will not really be a full costume, just some accessories to accent my normal clothes and jewelry and my booth. And thinking about this has been a blast...I need these fun side projects especially when I am inundated with work (yeah, that's pretty Type A of me, eh?) to keep me sane. I cannot think about articles and production all day, it makes me crazy. So I spend a little time recharging my batteries by dreaming up parts of my steampunk super hero alter ego! I will share the process with you as I develop it, ok?

So where do you start with a steampunk look? GOGGLES! I got the basic goggles above from the Girl Genius site, here. I got them in a couple of days and they are perfect! They are great the way they are but I want to embellish them, so I added some ultrasuede to the sides and some Vintaj brass to the center (the nose piece) and two Vintaj birds to the sides. I have more to do, with the strap and some screws around the lenses, but I need to gather supplies first. Here are my mods so far:

Neat, huh? These look great propped upon the head, like a headband, at the ready for anything you might need eye protection for...a bit of impromptu welding, looking into a firey kiln, or perhaps protecting the eyes from high speed debris in an airship chase... The lens frames screw off and the dark green lenses pop out. There are clear ones in there too! I think I would actually use these as safety glasses with the green out...I have a hard time finding safety glasses to fit my small face, and they are surprisingly comfortable. So any further mods I do I need to make sure I can still remove the lenses... Check back soon for more developments!


  1. OMG! Too cute! Congrats on your secret project! Can't wait till it's not a secret! I'll whisper a few mantras of "Calm, Blue, Ocean" for you!

  2. Oooohhh Weeee! Can I wear the goggles at the Bead and Button? I love them! Too bad we don't live closer...It would be fun to come and help you. See you in June, which isn't very far away (not to pressure you ;^)


  3. LOVE your modifications to the goggles! They're now quite perfect for a lady scientist.

    My brother was going to make me goggles for my b-day but he wussed out. Maybe I will just have to make my own :P

    (and the little badges are cute, too!)

  4. I so want goggles now..
    Look through the stuff I got from the basement, there's some fittings from the house, and old brass and rubber stuff Grandpa had..