May 29, 2008

fluttering about

Mulberry Wings necklace by Jess Italia, from the Vintaj website, featuring one of my porcelain Triple Moth stones. Whee! Its on their home page!

Not much to blog today again, it looks like work work work here today. The piles are not getting smaller, in fact, they seem to be growing, but they are moving at least. I will not bore you with the dreadful details of the minutiae of the studio today. But I will remind you that if you are going to be at the Bead & Button show, (which I leave for in SIX days!) please stop by my booth, #1227, and check the times for my demos at the Vintaj booth on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! I am really excited about them, and showing some of the way I like to use their great brass with my porcelain. I am really looking forward to it...


  1. I think this is fantastically interesting because she has a while different style from you and ou both use Vintaj so very well. Very very lovely!

  2. Very beautiful blog-thought provoking and a visual delight!