May 31, 2008

a fine display...

I have set up the Bead & Button display "dry run" in the living room. It went together surprisingly well, as I have been collecting things and gathering ideas for what, the last month? Still, I do seem to need to see it all in place to really know where I am at. So I set up the tablecloths to the 8 foot table top size, and laid it all out! Sorry these pictures are bad, it is really rainy and dark, and i am trying to figure out my camera to do anything but take bead pics. For instance, I just learned that it has a battery that charges right inside it, so all the time I have it plugged in, it is charging. yay! Chuck told me this as I brought the camera into the living room and started to plug it into the electricity. Oh! what a good thing to learn! Now I know I can bring it to the show and take terrible pictures there too!

Above, some OLD tan velvet displays I got when a jewelry store I worked at upgraded to white vinyl displays. They are a funky color but compliment my clay and all the brass I have been using, so I gave them a little love...the lace is all new. And now they have a sort of over the top Victorian look to them. A big improvement. The wear on them really doesn't bother me as much as it used to, I had always wanted to re-fabric or paint these somehow, so they looked new, but could never figure out how. They are perfectly aged with a steampunk look though.

ooh, good call from Chuck, who remembered these great old brass screens we had in the basement. My dad scavenged them from the lab that he worked in somewhere in the motor industry. We have used these, they are like screens/sieves...we use them for clay/paper/etc. But I needed some bigger bowls and these are *perfect*

Ok, shots of the whole display here, I like the repeating velvety necklace displays, the mix of dark and light wood, and there are two old fashioned looking suitcasey things, one on each side. I have not assembled the lighting here, but that consists of small, black flip up ott style lights. They are pretty inconspicuous, and will go along the back, maybe about 4-6 of them.

The center of the display, a dark wood tray filled with round aluminum tins, each with a style of Steam Stone in it. I tried to group by price, but will also be adding small kraft paper labels to each tin. Clear labelling is a must! and a big pet peeve of mine. Also in the center and sides, wooden trays filled with rectangular tins with bigger pendants. The light wood displays on each side will house the fancy, fancy brass pendants. They look sparse here because I am not finished with them! eek!

Overall I am pleased. It may look like a lot of beads on this "table" but this is all I have, really, there is no back stock. So I hope it is enough, there is just no way to know. I reel really relieved to have a sense of the display now, and am getting excited to leave for the show. In *four* days!


  1. That is an awesome display!! It really works with your theme. All the best at your show!!

  2. The display looks great! I like the way you modded the tan displays with the lace. It's very eye catching, but still shows off the jewelry. Have a great show!

  3. Oooh! I love the display! I wish I was going to be able to see it in person. I'm not sure which I like better -- the necklace displays, or the screen bowls (good call, Chuck!).

    Thank you for labeling your beads. I hate having to ask for prices, and oftentimes I just won't buy something if there's no label.

  4. What a great looking display! It looks like you have really thought it out. With all the time you put into the Steampunk theme, this is the icing on the cake! See you next weekend...

  5. Looks super Melanie! GOOD LUCK !

  6. the moisture on your display is me drooling.....

  7. AP4C,
    thank you!

    It is so over the top ornate for me, bu ti do like it, it fits...

    yes, a huge pet peeve. And also pricing that is poorly done. My writing is not as great as I would like, to I do like to do it on the computer with cool fonts if I can.

    Fab Fibers,
    Thanks! Can't wait to see you. and yum cake...


    Judy H,
    um, can someone get Judy a towel here? LOL!

  8. Good luck with your show! Your hard work is shining!

  9. The display looks fabulous! I can't wait to admire it in person.

  10. WOW!!!-the table look great! I really love the way you "Steam Punked" the necklace displays. You rock!

  11. Gaea, Melissa, Carlene...thanks so much!

  12. Gorgeous. Sigh. No matter how many times I click my heels, I can't seem to transport myself there in person to the bead show to see it. This is the next best thing, thanks for the peek.