May 30, 2008

falling into place

above, one of my inspirations, Mary Chase Perry Stratton of Pewabic Pottery, setting ceramic tile. I like to look at these pictures of her when I am feeling stressed and frazzled and overworked. I am reminded of how much harder it must have been for her and women like her, in their time. I mean, if I had to do such hard work in a ankle length dress, full lace sleeves, probably a corset, and big flowery hat...I feel like I would never survive. My life is easy in comparison, I have all the luxuries of technology at my fingertips and I can sit around all day in my comfies and work. Well, it is not *easy* exactly, but it is a different set of limitations I face, and it helps me to sometimes get some perspective.

oh, and for consistency's sake...FIVE days until I leave for B&B!

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