May 25, 2008

Extra Extra, and the the start of the countdown!

Oh my, so we are in countdown mode now for the Bead & Button show! 10 days until I leave. SO much, so much to do. It is overwhelming really, I don't know where to start. I have massive piles of bisque to glaze, that is the one major thing looming. I had thought I would work on the claywork for beads until Wednesday but I am thinking tomorrow needs to be the last day for Wet Work. I think I'd rather stop a bit early, because I need to figure out my display stuff and packaging, and also I am burning out pretty quickly. Oh, and I would like to get my wholesale site back up and working before the first of the month. ((thank you all who are waiting so patiently for me!))

I guess this is a good time to put out another call for help at B&B... I especially need someone to help on Sunday afternoon. I have a demo to do at the Vintaj booth. But any other time, I can use help too! I will pay you richly with pretty beads and candy.

oh yeah, I need to buy candy for customers. Any suggestions for steampunky candy...

(oh yes, I am obsessed with a coherent booth experience)

And now, the Extra Extra links for this week. Enjoy... Jewelry Making Tammy was having some major deja vu while reviewing this mainly metal jewelry making book.

Art Bead Scene Do you love stamping? Check out Art Bead Scene for a review of metal stamps and a link to a tutorial!

Jewelry & Beading Get your "Mental Gears" working...and win a free pendant!

Naughty Secretary Club Anyone headed out to BEA (Book Expo of America) in Los Angeles next weekend? Stop by the F&W booth (#1351) to keep Jen company and to score a free Naughty Secretary Club T-shirt. You are going to need one for a project in The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Jewelry.

Savvy Crafter Burn Baby Burn! Thinking about trying soldering? Candie tells about a great torch option...

Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done! Jean explains why she loves a certain necklace she made for summer, and looks forward to writing about jewelry in the upcoming month!


  1. Oooh, how about some sort of toffee? Or anything that comes in a shiny golden (brass) wrapper? Or any sort of old-timey candy?

  2. oh yes, toffee, I do like that. I can probably find some in brassy wrappers too...

  3. I agree... Toffee!

    I was just looking at your new beads at Etsy... I love them!

    Have fun at B&B!

  4. Hi,
    What time is your demo on Sunday? If I know the time, I can probably help you out. I am in charge of thebooth for NPCG, but there are a few volunteers manning it on Sunday. So, I should be able to skip on over to your booth to help you out.

    Beth (

  5. oh thanks! I did find someone who is able to stay and watch my booth, YAY! Thanks for the offer, and please come by and say hello ok?