May 4, 2008

Extra Extra and Help Wanted

So I think I am done with the reposting, sorry for yesterday's post which was a pretty sore one. I didn't realize how unhappy and frazzled I sounded. I do try to keep this blog positive and cheerful, but sometimes, reality has a way of interfering with that. It was an honest post, and I feel better for reposting it. I am actually feeling very positive and excited to work on the projects I have coming up, now that I have examined what I can and cannot do, my limitations and strengths, and where my priorities are.

Which leads me to ask for a little help. You may know that the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee is coming up in about a month. I am looking for booth help. I would like to have some people that I know (in real life would be great) or at least "know" from online, to help for short periods of time in my booth over the show. I pay generously in beady goodness, and would be much appreciative if you are interested. Please email me at earthenwood at gmail dot com if you are interested and we can talk. I need to send my credential forms in this week, so I'd like to add your names to the list asap.

Ok, and now, the Extra Extra links for the week: Jewelry Making When is it a good idea to help a fellow jewelry designer out, and when does it cross the line into your territory?

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The Impatient Blogger Tune in to The Impatient Blogger to see the worldwide debut of The Impatient Crafter's first video! Phew. That is all.


  1. I wish I was close enough to help with B&B! I'm sure you'll find some great booth help, though :)

  2. oh I wish you could help'd be perfect!

    The kiln is cooling and the rest of your order is in it. I will ship tomorrow. Thanks for being so patient and sorry I couldnt get it to you for your birthday!

  3. I too wish I was closer Melanie! You know I'd be there to help!!

    I'm sure you'll have a total blitz of offerings though!

  4. *cry* yeah me too! I hope I get a few helpers, so I can see a little of the show and get a break...

  5. Hi,
    I am working at the NPCG booth, but I can probably help out at yours a bit, at least so that you can take necessary breaks! Let me check the schedule.


  6. Oh thanks, I hate to take away another booth's help. I think I will be ok, but come by and say HI, I'd love to meet you...

  7. Does mental/cosmic help count? You know I would if I could!

    Thanks for the flash backs!

  8. Oh, yippy! I'd better finish my current project so I can play with my new beads when they arrive. Thanks for the heads up :D

  9. Melanie Rosanne and I were planning on helping you out at Bead & Button if you still want us.
    We will be there Friday and Saturday.
    See you soon!

  10. Beverly,
    Yes I was absolutely counting on you two for help! I might even want to actually schedule you in because I may be doing some demos at set times. More later.

    See you soon!