May 28, 2008

elemental processes

Much to do today, much to do. Have I mentioned SEVEN days until we leave for Bead & Button? One week, Whoo Hoo! There are piles of beads and pendants and displays and everythings piled everywhere! I need to get organized today, very badly, and figure out my display stuff, and do some glazing. Tonight is Punk Fitness, which I dread, yet look forward to. I am loving the hula hoops! I have nothing to really contribute to blog land today, word wise, I used up all my good thoughts in yesterday's blog and in other writings, so today is just a jumble for you. And how about some NON bead pictures for a change? Above, I don't think I ever showed the full line of the Elemental Goddess Tiles I did last year. I blogged the three new ones while I made them here: in the really rough stage, plus thoughts on Air, Water, Fire, and when I made the molds. Well the molds sat around for a while, and then I madly pressed many of them, which sat around for a while, and then I frantically fired and glazed them and sold them at the holiday show, barely stopping for pictures, and never listing them in the etsy shop as I had planned. I still plan to... after Bead & Button. It is just another one of the things on the giant To-Do list. These tiles, by the way, are made of stoneware, and are about 2.5 x 5" wide...they are *not* bead sized, they are meant to be hung on a wall, or they could be set in tile work. But usually people hang them on a wall. They are a great size to fill a little lonely nook, on their own, or as a set can be lined up for a bigger statement, if you liek to see all the elements. My tile work comes and goes, it is hard to make time for it with the bead business, so I do not show it often...

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  1. These are sensational - what a wonderful series, just love them!