April 22, 2008

We're the scarecrow people, & we got lots in common with you...

Alas, the last of the four Magic Cards of Chuck's that was released this week. Sorry, I really don't know anything about Magic, just these particular cards, but I am excited to see how the gamers react to them, and if they are good in game play. That is always exciting to meet fans who love to use the cards. I like to show them so I can sort of memorize them and list them off on a moments notice, if needed at a con or signing event. I am getting good at it!
So it's Earth Day today. I am not going to do a big environmental post, because they can be so preachy sometimes. I do try to think about the environment in the choices I make for my business and for my life. I think I do a pretty good job being aware. I think we can all do better, so today is a good day to think about how. Above, a new Earth pendant that I need to the Awareness page of the site. I love the multicolored earth! I don't know why I didn't think of that before...

I am going to keep it short today, I have some big blogging to do this week, and I haven't forgotten that I promised to finish the studio tour and talk about the Steampunk panel at Penguicon. Today I need to implement my morning claywork though, so this is a quickie. I will leave you with a song of the day:
Since the release of Chuck's two scarecrow MtG cards, I have been singing "Scarecrow People" by XTC, one of my favorites. And I think it is a great song for today, perfect for Earth Day. I love seeing footage of the XTC boys playing live, I know how rare it is. They would have been amazing to see in concert back in the day.

Link to video on You Tube


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