April 25, 2008

websites, writing, and working

“If magic abides, here are four magicians. Their one sharedpower: to wake in our minds a surety that the remarkable things we see within always existed.”
Michael Wm. KalutaNew York City - 2007
from Wreaking Havoc
Yesterday was mighty busy. I am slowly but surely getting my work done and orders out. I hope to get a big chunk accomplished this weekend. I did some website work yesterday, mostly getting the Goddess pendant page updated, partially at least. It seems like a lot of work right now, making glazing and photographing an example of each bead instead of my standard color chart, but in the long run it will be much better.

I also updated Chuck's Print Page where we are now offering a signed copy of Wreaking Havoc, which he wrote with Jim, Chris, and the late Thomas. Actually, they are not *just* signed, they will have a custom Chuck sketch in each one. They guys are working hard on marketing this new book...it is a new world for me...book deals and signings and releases and publishers. Quite exciting but unknown still

I have my own exciting projects that I am working on too. Looks like I may have a feature in an international magazine. Also I get to write an article...not just a project...but a real article...this year too. Last year I wrote for Simply Beads about ceramic beads. I enjoyed writing like that, although it took me a lot longer than my normal step by step writing. I must be top secret about this one, sorry...but it is becoming my focus this week as I start to form the outline in my head. It is a subject that I am really fascinated with lately, so I am very energized to work on this.


  1. How exciting!! Congratulations on the international magazine gig! woo hoo!!
    Hey, which issue of Simply Beads did you write that article for? I wonder if I could get my hands on back issues. I'd love to read that!!

  2. Hey! Thanks! It was the August 07 Simply Beads. I had my *real* article with words and paragraphs and stuff, I say, lol! Plus a couple of projects too...

  3. Hi Melanie,
    I just tried to send you another e-mail. Just wanted to let you know I am still out there!

  4. Ooooh, how exciting! An international magazine! *high fives* Also, give Chuck a *high five* for his book, it looks awesome!

    My magic-playing friend had a booklet sitting around for the Morningtide card set this week. If I played Magic, those would be the cards for me!

  5. Thanks Jangles, I gotcha!

    AJ, thanks so much! Isn't this Magic series gorgeous? I love it, and know several of the artists included. Just awesome!

    If any of your magic friends want Chuck's cards signed and altered, just shoot us an email. He does it for free (amounts within reason) and just askes for a SASE. They are really cool signed!

  6. Congrats on the possible writing gig! That's my first love. I tagged you on my blog-don't know if you are into that stuff-but all I know about you is I love your beads!

  7. Gina,
    Thanks for the congrats! I am excited. Thanks for tagging me too. I usually don't do those though, I have too many things to say on my own (blah blah blah) and thinking about those things takes me forever!