April 7, 2008

stepping back in time

Above, a Timepiece charm in Acid Metal finish out of the kiln this morning. This is for an order, and I was really impressed with the way it turned out, so I snapped a pic of it. It is fun to start to get orders for these Steam Stones, mostly because now is the time that people start ordering them in the various finishes, and I get to see them for the first time, along with them. I love that my customers are able to envision how these might look in the finishes I have available, and are willing to take a chance and order them sight unseen.

So yesterday I referenced an adventure that we encountered on Saturday, and I will tell you about it today. We had gathered up the dog and the shipping and set off to the post office and the nature center for our walk. On the way, on the service drive, I saw a small inconspicuous sign that simply said SCA with an arrow. I thought aloud it couldn't be *that* SCA, could it? The Society of Creative Anachronism, this is what the acronym in question stands for. We were feeling adventurous, I suppose, so we followed the next few signs to a small city park where we have been before. We call it "the Hill" in fact, for the sledding hill in the center of the park. There is a covered picnic area and a small trail and playground, and a recreation building there... this is where we took Zoey for dog obedience classes. Anyway, the arrows led there, and we pulled up, and sure enough... We saw lots of cars and men dressed with armour and capes and women in long dresses with corsets. It *was* that SCA, and we stumbled upon an event!

This amazed us a bit, as we live in a pretty blue collar metro area, and honestly we had no clue that we had an SCA chapter. But we do, it is called Roaring Wastes, and we met the Baroness I believe, who was kind and welcoming. We walked around and just sort of took it all in. Chuck watched the battles going on and I admired the lovely dresses and jewelry that the women wore. It was exciting to see our little "Hill" transformed in time, as it is usually a pretty barren place with empty bottles and trash lying around, but this event brought it life!
I have been somewhat interested in the SCA for a long time, I have always enjoyed Renaissance festivals and being around people who take part in such things. I never have had the time to devote to it, but I love how much people who enjoy it appreciate traditional crafts and history. The SCA people I have met are so passionate about learning and re-creating this time in history, it is hard not to be impressed by it. And most of them do this as a hobby, in their spare time, and are very dedicated to it. I don't know if I am disciplined or interested enough to follow a historically accurate path of anything, but I am very interested in creating garb or costumes. Witnessing this event has really made me think about the things I spend my little spare time on, and the things that I would like to do. I am also thinking about how I can incorporate some of these things even more into my work.

Here is a video I found about the SCA, a clip from a documentary. Its about 8 minutes long, and the first bit is really informative and interesting, and the rest really gives a feeling of what a big event would be like.


  1. I love the idea behind the SCA. I have a pretty big collection of books on life in Renaissance England from my graduate school days - fun stuff. Sounds like it was an interesting event!

  2. Ohhh! It looks all time warpy and cool! What a fun adventure! Serendipity baby!

  3. The video clip made me think of the book by Michael Creighton "Timeline".

  4. Chris and I went to an SCA event once and it was a lot of fun. We were really considering joining the group that his work friends were in... but he decided there was too much drama, so we didn't :(

    I really like the idea of an excuse to dress up in garb, and I also liked the idea of belly dancing around the fire at night! Maybe someday...

    I'm glad that you had a fun adventure this weekend :D

  5. Thanks for dropping by everyone! I should mention that the event we happened upon was nothing as elaborate as the one in the video, which looks monsterous! It seemed more like a meeting. It was cool nonetheless! Anytime you get so see something like that in Metro Detroit is cool...

  6. AJ,
    I totally want the excuse to dress up too! I don't think I would go the period-correct routs of the SCA but I am seriously dreaming up a steampunk superhero charachter for myself. I don't know when I could wear it tho...

  7. Well, you could definitely wear it at any gaming conventions you did with Chuck, and also for Halloween, and also for Pretend to Be a Time Traveler day if they have that again this year, and also just because ;)