April 23, 2008

skeletons in the closet, and in a magazine!

So check it out...these beadies above, became this great piece below! The "Hearts Ahoy" project is by Marlene Blessing and is in the current issue of Beads 2008 magazine by Interweave! It should be out at all the stores right about now, so look for it! As always, it is a great issue...

I promised to show my scary craft closet, so here it is. Boxes of all sorts of papers, beads, displays, and other random stuff that I "need" to keep is crammed in there. Urg, some day I will have to clean it out and let go, maybe freecycle or donate it. Maybe a big crafting party or supply swap would be fun. For now, I think I will just close that curtain and ignore it. BTW, can you spot the skeleton in the closet? The skull actually, outside of the closet...?

This is my glaze table, it is placed right behind me (on the other side of the room from this computer) I can roll my chair over there, work for a while, and roll back to check mail or otherwise get lost. Maybe its a bad placement, actually, because glazing is a rather tedious task, one that is easy to get distracted from. But I try to finish a color and then "treat" myself to a little web time, and then go back for another color. "Try" is the key word, as it is easy to get lost in the blogosphere mainly. This is where I will be chained for most of today. It may look somewhat disorganized, but all those jars are carefully placed and I have a system. A method to the madness...

Ok, how about a lively video of some skeletons dancing today, old school Disney style?

Link to video on You Tube


  1. Hi Melanie!
    I looove that necklace from the magazine! Very cool use of your charms! I am going to try to get this mag at my local bead shop today at lunch.
    Oh that closet, well, I suppose it could be worse??

  2. Lorelei,
    Yes Marlene did a great job, didn't she? I love it! Yes, do pick it up, it is a great issue!

    Yes the closet could be worse. I ahve a catch all room in the basement that is worse, and cold and damp too...that's definately worse...