April 26, 2008

the Serenity cannot be stopped...

I have been working very hard this week to finish up about 150 pendants for various Serenity Shindig fundraising events. I am providing them with only the pendant, and they are on their own to finish them, but I thought it would be nice to show a couple of examples of ideas to make an inexpensive, yet attractive and simple necklace with these unusual pendants.
Necklace #1, Serenity suede and brass necklace.
This necklace uses a faux suede cord that is really soft and strong. It can be dressed up with a large holed brass bead on each side of the pendant, or left without the bead for a more simple and masculine look. I think the suede like cord is great for men or women. I used 2 feet of cord for each side, 4 feet in total. You can cut the cord end at an angle to make a self needle, and it is shown here doubled through each side of the pendant and finished with natural brass cord ends that clamp down on the cord, with a clasp. The natural brass can be purchased wholesale from Vintaj, or retail from places like Fusion Beads. The faux suede can be purchased wholesale in bulk from the manufacturer Beadalon (from their suggested outlets) or you can get small quantities from Art Beads. The price for the parts of this necklace (not including the pendant) are just over $4 at the highest retail prices. If you buy in bulk, the price lowers considerably.
Necklace #2, Serenity cotton and beads necklace.
This necklace is a little fancier. You can add as many beads as you like or keep it really simple. This nice thing about this one is that it is adjustable, so you can tie it at any length. The cord is a waxed cotton cord, 3 feet for each side. It is tied with a lark's head knot onto each side of the pendant (loop the cord in half, string through the hole, thread the cord ends through, and tighten) I used large holed pewter coils and Greek ceramic beads for a little more color. The Greek beads and the waxed cord each come in a huge rainbow of colors. The cord and pewter come retail from Fusion Beads, or wholesale from Rings & Things. The Greek beads come in bulk from Embroidered Soul The price for the parts of this necklace (not including the pendant) are just under $6 at the highest retail prices. If you buy in bulk, the price lowers considerably

Come read more about this project, and enter to win a pendant of your own by commenting at Art Bead Scene's Studio Saturday


  1. Pretty SWEET !!
    Prettaey.. prettaey...

    Love a lem :)

  2. I purchsed your samples from your Etsy shop, and they are as beautiful in person as they are in the pictures! As a huge Serenity fan, I love them! And I get lost of intersted questions and comments about them. Thanks for posting the information about the beads you used. I'm planning to buy some charms from your website to make matching earrings for them.

  3. Sandy,
    Oh, I am so glad you are enjoying them! Thank you so much!