April 15, 2008

rememberance, poppies, press, and postage

So you might remember the Collaboration Exploration that I did last November with AJ Reardon and Pam from the Blue Between. Here are the linkies: part one and two. Also the post about Poppies and their symbolism that I did for Veterans Day. Well, I loved these poppies so much, and got such a great response, that I added them to the retail Earthenwood website as limited editions. This means that I will not be wholesaling them, and I will keep them up for a while, but maybe not permanently. They are very time consuming, and I love them, but maybe not forever. I just finished the page, just in time, as they are featured in the new Beads 2008 special issue Interweave magazine. YAY!

So I mentioned yesterday that I was cleaning up my shipping area. Here are some pictures to remember it by while it is clean. It will not stay this way for long! I love the green rolling chair, it has been in the basement for a long time. I have had it a while and used it well in college, but it's tall. I don't think it will work in this space, if I want to put my legs under the table, but I am going to try it! It goes perfectly with this old high school lab table, with slate top. Its heavy as heck!

Ok, so you see the drawers under the table, they hold my shipping boxes and stickers and envelopes and labels and cards and tissue cut into small pieces. The tabletop has my file folders for expenses and income and assorted paperwork. I also have a box on the side where all the papers for the month will go, and the GOAL is to file them all every month in an orderly manner. HA!

To the left, small jewelers trays for orders. Each tray gets the customer invoice, and gets filled with beads as they are fired. I use a highlighter to mark the bead as in. I do this after each firing. When the order is complete, all the beads are right there in the tray, and I pack it up! If it is waiting for something, it goes in the stack and waits until I have everything.

Finally, while I have the camera out, some brown shoes I found in the basement. I think I want to steampunk them up a bit. Rough them up, add some brass grommets and hardware maybe. I was inspired by the shoe projects in teh new Make it Mine magazine...they are really cute, and I want to do something similar but a bit different. Any suggestions? I think it would be funny to make a mock steel toe shoe, but instead of butt kicking steel, it would be a brass filigree piece, something more dandy than hardcore!


  1. Your workspace looks awesome! Now let's see some pics of where the MAGIC happens, he he he!
    Thanks for sharing these pics!
    I love the little jewelry trays. Very handy!

  2. I love the idea of steampunking the shoes!

    I saw a photo of some very industrial steampunk shoes on Etsy once. Here's a link! http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=7183408
    They're almost more cyber than steam, and they look terribly uncomfortable, but I love them!

  3. Lorelei,
    I will try to take more as I tidy the place. My thing is that I have workspaces everywhere, and most of them are portable or modular like. Most of my beads are made on a tray that stays under the couch, to be honest!

    ooh, those shoes are badass. They Do look uncomfortable! Yeah I am a compfy shoe gal, but I can fancy them up. HAHA Chuck read this post and said, what are you doing with your shoes, now? He didn't get it, lol!

  4. I'd think that after the cute shoe mod you did for Faerie Con last year, he'd understand!

    A search for steampunk boots on Etsy turns up way too much temptation, by the way! Victorian-style boots are so cute!

  5. Yeah back then I was all Blah Blah Blah, faierie costume, and now I am all blah blah blah steampunk. He thinks I am crazy, HAHAHA~! He would be more willing to joing me in some steampun costuming though I think , than fairy. I like it because I think you can incorporate it into a relatively normal wardrobe. It so old timey fashionable and dapper, don't you think?

    Yeah there's lots of good stuf on Etsy! I belong to a couple of LJ steampunk fashion groups and am in love with the look...

  6. Hahaha... yeah, my husband would like to do some steampunk costuming, too... but there's no way I could get him into a faerie costume!

  7. Yes steampunk men are rather dashing, I think it's manly enough for a manly guy...its just old fashioned.

    Yeah we had a kinda renaissance themed wedding, and he wouldn't do the puffy shirt or tights. Party pooper! HAHAHA!!! He wore a suede leather vest that was renaissancey, that was about it. I got to wear the cool purple gown though...