April 20, 2008

magic, friends, experiments, and links

A bit of randomness today. Feeling a little crispy and oozy this morning after a late night and busy Friday night. Sort of like the card above, one of Chuck's new Magic the Gathering cards that was just releases. You have to see it with the first in the series, below, which is the same weird pod growing things in the "before" state, I guess.
I am re-cooperating from our party last night, which was great fun! Just a small little shindig with a few friends, some pizza and snacks, beer and wine, and lively conversation. I enjoy entertaining, and I hope to do it more. I went a little overboard on the food, but I am new to this, so now I know better. I tried to have some healthy veggie things, but who wants that at a party? lol! So we do have leftover food, but it is salads and veggies, so at least we will finish it off and not feel too guilty. Just a couple pieces of pizza for us to indulge on, and then back to more healthy eating.

Ok, big experiment for me here. This may work...It is a tiny clip form my cell phone, from the Tesla Coil concert from Penguicon on Friday. Just 15 seconds. It would be great if this works, then I can bore you with many more tiny home videos from my phone! I video messaged this to my dad, who did some computer magic, and sent it back to me by email. If it works I guess I will have to figure it out myself...Clicky above.

And now the Sunday Links. Bead All About It!

About.com Jewelry Making Catch up on some jewelry product reviews and sign up for the About.com Jewelry Making bi-weekly newsletter.

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Katie's Beading Blog Make these Butterfly Bliss earrings in an evening (okay, so they're really moths...)

Make It Mine Magazine New online content: shrink art videos and a downloadable pendant project

Naughty Secretary Club The king of the chain gang, Justin Giunta’s Subversive Jewelry comes to a Target near you.

PearlEsq. What a Hoot! Check out the artfully individual Owls of Massaustraliranger. HUH?!

Savvy Crafter It's a Pearl! Click over to Candie's blog to see where pearls come from and a pair of earrings!

Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done! My cool bracelet which I made with wonderful components by Green Girl Studios!

The Impatient Blogger Madge is off to Japan for a designer exchange between the CHA and the HAJ! Check out this e-newsletter excerpt for the 411.


  1. the first looks grose, but the second is beautiful in a way.

  2. Yes I agree, the first one is a bit grody. The second one is really yummy and juicy to me! It looks like a glass fruit or some kind of gem.