April 13, 2008

I'm so cool and calculated alone in the modern world...

uh huh
Hey it's Sunday! Extra Extra day! Get your beady links here! They are at the bottom, but first a few thoughts. Above, the triple threat of red, yellow, and green Portals, which looks a lot like a set of steampunky traffic lights, eh? I *really* worked at that one. Chuck thought it was ridiculous, and it might be, but it HAD to be done. Now to make a traffic themed necklace and it will be out of my system, I hope. There is no stopping me sometimes...

This week has lots going on. I have many orders to get out, they are trickling out...thank you all for your patience if you are waiting on an order! It's coming! I also woke up ready to go, thinking about a new idea. I sort of had to, see I have a custom order that requires some custom rubber stamps, so I needed to think of something to fill a page of stamp designs. Steampunk Ornaments! is what I came up with...some larger stamp designs that I can press into clay! gears, keyholes, skeleton keys...that sort of thing. Stamps are so fun because they are so easy! I just need to draw some, not spend hours carving. So that is exciting. Also this week I will have a tax day sale going into the weekend (its a mailing list only thing...so sign up if you haven't already) and I will wrap up the week with a little party here at the Earthenwood homestead. Big week!

So I better get to it. Here's a song for you, I found it pretty randomly this week. Remember last week I was obsessed with Elvis Costello's Get Happy album...well I was on you tube looking for videos, and I searched for Elvis' song"Human Touch". Never found it, but I did find this cheezy gem! And I have also been thinking about costuming and have been watching all the Star Wars series, so it was a real hoot to watch this. It's Rick Springfield with "Human Touch". Check out the sax player!

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  1. I love the stop light theme! They are awesome!

  2. thanks! I can't wait to make it into a necklace!