April 9, 2008

"I'm Feelin rough, I'm Feelin raw, I'm in the prime of my life..."

hello, HAHAHA I am not any of the things in that subject line at all! I am feeling pretty good actually, and honestly I am feeling kinda old. I am not getting any younger, that's for sure! The quote above is from a song I heard yesterday for the first time, and I saw the video, and that made me feel old! I'm only 34 too, lol! More on that later in this post...

Another thing that makes me feel kinda old and out of touch are two of the social networking sites that I set up profiles on but rarely go to because they just confuse me. One is My Space, my profile is here...http://www.myspace.com/earthenwoodstudio...so come friend me! I actually spent a little time on that but kept screwing up my page because I don't know enough html, so it is what it is. It's kinda steampunked right now.

The other site that i am much more confused about is Facebook, and again, come be my friend...my profile is here. This one is way more confusing to me because it seems like you have to know people to friend them and I am always worried I have the wrong person and I don't know its just really strange feeling to me. And all the weird little quizzes and games, geez, its so odd! Its fun though, today I found that my brother gave me a gift of Pop Rocks, so that's good eh? I love Pop Rocks. I wonder when they will arrive in the mail. (just kidding)

Ok, so thinking about Pop Rocks and candy, I am going to work on my Lucky Candy website page today. Its all new stuff! I will write about it later this week, but there is a preview of the Wizzysticks above! They are my Screwed links from the Steam Stone series doing double time as candy! Its funny, in rust colors, they look like screws, in red and black they look like candy. Awesome! Candy makes me feel like a kid again, at least.

Ok, about that video I mentioned...I saw it on Nocturnal State on VH1 last night. The band is MGMT and the song is "Time to Pretend" Its pretty crazy and psychedelic sounding, but the video is all messed up! And it looks like some of those insane Myspace backgrounds brought to life, with a heavy dose of Lord of the Flies thrown in for a little extra terror for the, um, non-young. I don't' know if the lyrics are honest and just really excessive and live fast/die young or if they are satirical and making fun of the rock star lifestyle. I can't embed the video here, so I will have to provide a link, so go and check it out, what do you think? Does it give you a migraine too? Linky is below this picture from the band's artwork:


  1. I sent you a friend request on Facebook. :) I know what you mean about the weirdness of it. Although, I sometimes get random men wanting to be my friends and I'm glad I have the option of saying no. :)

  2. Thanks! I just friended you back!

    Yeah I wanted to use it as a tool to meet other crafy and beady people, but unless you know their *names* then I don't see how you can find them! And then its weird how you can't always see the person's whole profile until you friend them, but I don't want to request to friend unless I see the profile, you now? Just sort of awkward.

    There must be some sort of group feature I haven't figured out...?