April 5, 2008

if there's anything that you want...

Well yesterday worked out just fine, I got through my doctor appointment with no trouble. I always make it worse in my head. Thanks for the well wishes, all! We picked up some Panera for lunch/dinner and I was able to work the rest of the night. I glazed a bit (need to glaze a lot more today) and made some beads at night for orders. I am slowly making a dent in my orders. Thanks all of you who are patiently waiting for me, I really appreciate it! This weekend will be full of Terra Trinket production...I have lots of orders for little birds and leaves and shells, it makes me think of spring and summer!
Hey check it out! The fabulous Katie Hacker wrote an article about the vintage trend in jewelry, and lookie...two big pictures of my pieces! YAY the Faerie Parade necklace in print! How exciting! She also used some quotes from me in the article. It's really great! The magazine is Craftrends, and is more of a trade magazine for stores. Check out the website here. I was somewhat tempted to go to a local wholesale gem show that is in town this weekend. But none of my beady friends seem to be available to go with me. Which makes for a boring show. Its the kind of show that is full of tables inexpensive stone beads and pearls and gemstones, which is not really my thing actually. I really have to wade through stuff to get just a few things, and honestly the best part is lunch with a friend, so I think I will pass on going by myself. I had a little beady retail therapy this week already...I ordered from Fusion. And the order just came today so I am excited to play! Check out all my new precious possessions above: A Coiling Gizmo (which I already own but it is years old and I want to use it for projects, so I wanted a fresh one with instructions, and it was only $7) Also some great gunmetally brass wire and thick antique brass Softflex which I hope to use with Vintaj findings. Also a few Vintaj filler beads, some really crazy lime AB swarovskis that look like my acid metal, and 3 packages of precious metal delicas. I hope to attempt some beadweaving...

Ok, so are you sick of Elvis yet? Sorry, when I get in an Elvis mood, everyone must suffer with me! Here is another one from "Get Happy"..."Possession"

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