April 4, 2008

I can't stand up for falling down...

Well we accomplished the weighty tasks of yesterday so I am feeling good about putting all the tax stuff behind us now. It was really just shocking how much we had to pay, it knocked us off our feet honestly. Gotta plan better for this year I guess.

One more dreaded thing happens today, my annual trip to the girly doctor. Have I mentioned lately that I am scared to death of doctors and medical stuff? Yeah, so I am not looking forward to this afternoon. Think good thoughts for me. Oh I am fine healthwise, it is just my anxiety about it that makes it bad. Hopefully all this Stuff of Doom will be all gone and I can try to enjoy the weekend.

Yesterday I worked on the website a bit. I am trying to make things a bit cleaner, product wise. I am removing some of the less popular options and things that make production more difficult. For example, there are several glazes that give me trouble, and make me have to redo things for orders. So I have decided to start removing them. Its a hard decision, but in the end it is better for production. Also, I am going to start offering some things in only the most popular color options. Goddesses and Leaves for example. They always seem to be ordered in the same few colors anyway, so if I can just limit those options then I can build up stock, and not have to make every piece to order. And the good thing will be that I will have a colored example of each bead, which is sort of left up to the imagination now, with the chart of color approach, so I think that will help immensely too, to help customers to visualize. This is a slow process, especially now that i have both the retail and wholesale sites to change, but I just have to chip away at it little by little.

Today's song is from the Elvis Costello "Get Happy" album I bought yesterday. I am really enjoying it. I think it would be fun to listen to it really loud and dance like these fools in the video. So Funny! The song is "I can't stand up for falling down"

Link to Video on You Tube



  1. Thinking good thoughts. Thinking good thoughts. Thinking good thoughts. Thinking good thoughts.

  2. thank you so much, I got through just fine and it wasn't as bad as I made it (as usual) I got some yummy lunch with chuck out of the deal too!