April 1, 2008

a fairytale wrought in beads and brass

ooh lookie me! I am Customer of the Month over at Vintaj! I wrote a little bit about why I enjoy designing with their natural brass and here is part of my quote that I like:

"I think the ornate filigree and vintage designs of Vintaj findings hearkens back to times in history when so many things were so beautiful and ornamental. Using these designs brings an instant sense of history, fantasy, and narrative. They are the perfect details to tell your own jewelry story: the perfect ingredients for a fairytale wrought in beads and brass.”

Isn't that just *me*? Well I am up to my eyeballs in promos and soon the bisque will be cool so I can organize for a big day of glazing tomorrow, so I will keep this a short one today. I will go ahead and list a few Alchemical Adornment pendants that I have in the Etsy shop before I dive into my work...

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