April 6, 2008

Extra Extra! Bead all about it!

Yesterday we had a little adventure on our way to the dog walk! Whee! I will tell you about it tomorrow though, today I have to work. But first, above, I will show you the Bundled Pods necklace, which I wrote and posted as a free project over on Art Bead Scene. Its fun and springy with lots of bright colors and cute baby faces. It fits the Art Bead Scene theme of Youthful Spirit perfectly, I think. Also today is Extra Extra day, so sit back and have fun clicking around to these great beady blog sites:About.com Jewelry Making
So, you finally have a jewelry web site up now. But why don't you have any sales?
Shakespeare inspires April's Challenge theme.
Jennifer shows off a necklace made with her new ceramic beads.
How do you learn about designing if you didn't go to art school? Check out all these online resources and see how you can learn about the principles of design and apply them to your jewelry making!
Katie wrote an article about vintage style for Craftrends magazine and it hits mailboxes this week. Are you a subscriber?
Even jewelry-making gals need to fix their britches once in a while. Check out the videos.
Wanna win a contest or host your own craft show? I thought so.
Candie’s been “wrappin’” with the high school kids this week to create wire and found object pendants.
Whoa! What have we here? Jim's "lightshow garden" and a pair of chandeliers!
Margot received a lovely hand crafted gift from her good friend Jean Yates, come see and hear Jean talk about the gift and the materials she used to create it.