April 21, 2008

endings and beginnings, and here and now

Hey, this weekend, four of Chuck's Magic cards were released! Here is one of the two scarecrow type cards. I love the color and action in this painting, and the glow of the moon. Very dramatic! This was also dramatic: some even better footage of the Tesla Coil Concert from Penguicon on Friday. This was taken by dear friend and beadmaker Sylvus Tarn of Rejiquar. I unexpectedly ran into her at the con and it was cool to find another bead person there! We spent most of the night chatting about nerd stuff and bead nerd stuff. I sat next to her as she took this video, check it out, and tell me...what is that tune?

Below, a detail of the necklace I finished for the con, and then dissembled partially the next day, and reworked and wore to our party on Saturday night. I knew on Friday that it wasn't done, but I wanted to wear it. I am happy with it now, but I feel like I need to keep it kinda secret, because I want to show it to a magazine. So a bead peep show is all I have today. At the con, I went to a panel called the Steampunk Aesthetic. I have to get out my notes, but it was very helpful and I was glad to find that I was not the only one who had trouble defining it. It confirmed to me that my Steam Week research seems to be pretty on target, or at least not totally off the mark. Perhaps this week I will revisit this and talk about the panel.
So Friday was great at the con, and Saturday was great with our art fair friends. They all work in clay in one form or another. Zoey was a HAPPY puppy, as shown below in a picture JoAnn took. She loves having people over, especially if they drop lots of chips and pizza crusts. Yesterday we went to the nature center, to walk off a bit of party food, and get some fresh air, and we encountered a cat on a leash! Zoey was mesmerized and got about a foot away from it. I think that's the closest she has ever come to a cat. She was frozen in amazement, I was afraid she was going to freak out and lunge and attack, but Chuck had a tight grip on her. She was just silent and staring! She did start to go crazy when we pulled her away though...it was quite an adventure for her!

So the weekend was fun, and it sort of marked an end and a beginning. The reason for the party was to celebrate finishing taxes, which was a painful chore for all of us at the party. It was good for me to do some spring cleaning for guests, put away all the paperwork from last year, and say a late goodbye to the last fiscal year. In the past few days, we also sent off some finished projects, got news of new projects, and I feel a marked distinction in focus for the future. It is very apparent now that I need to buckle down on getting ready for Bead & Button, and the work ahead of me. A month and a half is not a lot of time to create the volume of work I will need, especially with my current workload. I have a giant pile of orders to get through while I make stock for the show, so I need to think about a new schedule. I think I need to schedule some morning time every day making beads for stock. I need to be vigilant and work hard and not get distracted. I also need to not panic and freak out. Calm and steady...


  1. Oh, by the way, the tune is from Zelda. Because, when nerds make music, it must be some 80s Nintendo theme ;)

  2. Thanks! It was very familiar but I couldn't place it. My brother played it so much as a kid it is engrained in my brain just as much as a classical piece!

    The show ended with the Mario theme, and I think Final Fantasy..? It was really cool.

    Yeah most of the music was nerdy, with some classics in the mix. Awesome!