April 19, 2008

electric aura

My mind is spinning this morning, I am full of creative energy and electricity! I will continue the Studio tour later because I want to go and get ready for our party and sneak in some creative time while I am energized. We have had exciting news around here...Chuck was just approved for an amazing new project PLUS his new set of Magic the Gathering cards is out for the Shadowmoor series. I have been stalking the website for days and they are finally showing them today. Above, one of my very favorite pieces he has done, isn't she lovely?
We had a great time last night at Penguicon. I have three words: Singing Tesla Coils! Wow, Amazing! I will try to wrangle up some you tube action tomorrow for you but here is a pic that Chuck took in the meantime, below. The Magic signing didn't happen, there didn't seem to be any players there last night. But we had lots of fun, meeting new people, getting to know acquaintances more, running into old friends, and meeting people we had only known online in real life. It was very exciting!
Come back tomorrow, maybe I will post some video of the coils, or the exciting picture of my messy craft closet. Who knows? We will see what tomorrow brings. I will have some great linky for you though, so see you then!

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